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Want to easily recognize the spirit in your life?

The Spiritual Survival Course helps busy Latter-Day Saint moms develop a daily spiritual routine to confidently recognize the spirit, receive revelation, and enrich their connection with God.

Start preparing spiritually for future challenges

If you are here, you have probably felt like this:

  • I feel constant anxiety that I'm not doing enough spiritually in my life.

  • My schedule makes it hard to have consistent, daily spiritual habits.

  • I have a hard time recognizing the spirit on a daily basis.

  • I keep trying to come up with the perfect study plan that fits in everything we are “supposed to study”.  

  • I can't find the perfect study plan so I do nothing. 

  • I say my prayers everyday but I do not feel like they are very meaningful.

  • I am trying to hear the whisperings of the spirit but life is too chaotic and busy.

  • I want to recognize the spirit's promptings but I wonder if that's my own thoughts or fear talking.

  • I am wanting answers to prayers, but  I am not sure how to find them.

I know, I have been there, I can help.

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“In the coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”

~President Russell M. Nelson
When I heard this talk, I knew I needed to learn how to become more skilled at daily personal revelation so that I could survive spiritually in the coming days.
After much prayer, pondering and study I developed simple daily Spiritual Habits. By using the prompts from my Outline for Seeking Revelation in my morning routine daily, I now can easily see the hand of God in my life, trust them to ask for help in my day and recognize the spirit so I can act in the moment to fulfill God’s will for me.

The Spiritual Survival Course is designed to help you:

Have more consistent, meaningful prayer and scripture study.

Feel confident in recognizing personal revelation daily.


Enrich your relationship with each member of the Godhead.


Is an audio course valued at over $550


You will have access to 

  • Multiple daily spiritual methods to fit your needs. Not one size fits all. ($50)

  • Easy framework to promote more meaningful prayer ($50)

  • One track on shifting from perfection to consistency ($50)

  • PDF Workbook with a daily outline to guide actions ($50)

  • Framework for recording promptings when they come ($50)

  • Framework to see the hand of God in your life ($50)

  • Revelation templates to hear the voice of the Lord during the course ($150)

  • Easy, daily gratitude practice to strengthen your relationship to God and build trust ($50)

  • Tools to connect with each member of the Godhead daily ($50)

Raechel Duplain

 My prayers have gone from following a very similar pattern each day to being unique, more heartfelt, and more intentional. It has also helped me be prayerful before my scripture study and learn how to recognize the Spirit teaching me during my studies. I was trying for a long time to create a morning spiritual routine that worked and this outline has finally helped me do it and it is SO easy.

Paige Hoyt

Using Niki’s outline was a game changer for me!  It brought my prayers into laser focus and in return, I started seeing the hand of my Savior in my everyday life. I could see Him giving me “line upon line” revelation personally to me.

Jody Lyman

The Outline for Seeking Revelation has helped me organize my thoughts and feelings before I pray. I am more deliberate in study and prayers. It has helped me recognize the daily helps and promptings from God as I track or record promptings and what I am thankful for each day. I feel more clarity and connection to the Godhead.

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Let me help you easily recognize

the spirit in your life

If you are ready to  develop a daily spiritual routine to confidently recognize the spirit, receive revelation, and enrich your connection with God, then purchase the Spiritual Survival Course.