Want to confidently receive and act on revelation daily?

The Removing Roadblocks to Revelation course helps busy but devoted Latter-day Saint women recognize, receive, and act on revelation with greater confidence and faith.

Stop doubting and start receiving.

Do you doubt:

  • That God is answering your prayers daily?

  • In your ability to recognize the spirit throughout the day?

  • Whether you're actually getting promptings or they're just your thoughts?

  • You're worthy to receive God’s love and power?

  • Your ability to connect with God throughout the day?

  • Your ability to confidently act when receiving revelation?

  • You have the time to dedicate to learning how to receive revelation?

  • Yourself when your spiritual efforts don’t seem to be working?

  • You know how to access The Atonement daily to receive and act on revelation?

What you probably don't even realize this doubt is creating roadblocks that are keeping you from being able to recognize revelation when it is given. 


Righteous, devoted Latter-day Saint women know they can receive revelation, but often lack confidence in their ability to recognize and receive revelation for their lives and families daily.

When women can recognize the most common mental roadblocks to revelation and learn the tools for removing them, they get more access to the power of God and can confidently receive revelation daily.

The Removing Roadblocks to Revelation course

 is designed to help you overcome doubt and mental hurdles so you can have stronger:


Prepare your heart and mind to receive revelation.


Learn how to recognize and receive daily guidance, comfort and inspiration


Feel and access God’s power in your life daily.


Move forward with confidence in God’s answers & timing.

Writing on a Notebook
  • Understand the difference between your thoughts and true promptings
  • Have a guilt free plan for how to fit spiritual habits into your busy day
  • Feel confident in your ability to recognize and act on revelation
  • Have a stronger spiritual safeguard in your life
  • Feel closer to God and the Spirit
  • Feel at peace about your daily spiritual efforts
  • Know how you "hear Him"
  • Understand and access God's power daily
  • Be able to receive clear daily guidance from on high
  • Feel more confident in accessing the power of The Atonement daily

When the course is over you will:

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What you get with the Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Course:

  • A 4-module video course with demonstrations on how to implement these skills into your busy day ($800)

  • PDF Workbook to implement the skills as you go ($30)

  • Lifetime access to the course and any updates made in the future ($97)

  • Templates to write down revelations, prioritize spiritual time, hear the voice of the Lord and understand what to pray and ask for ($50)

Total course value = $977 Your Price= $247

Removing Roadblocks to Revelation Course

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