Accessing Internal Self Compassion

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What is Self Compassion

Self-compassion is having empathy and understanding for yourself when you are having a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself.

Examples of Self Compassion thoughts:

1. After making a mistake, “It’s alright, we all fail sometimes. You’re still a pretty good overall.”

2. After yelling at your kids, “You’re not a bad mother, you just lost your temper. Everyone loses their temper once in a while. I’ll apologize to my child, forgive myself, and commit to doing better in the future.”

3. After saying something you regret, , “Everyone makes mistakes. I made a mistake and I feel bad about it, but it doesn’t make me a bad person.”

4. After forgetting to meet up with someone, “I can be forgetful sometimes, but I’m always forgiving when a friend forgets something, so I’m going to be forgiving to myself as well. I am still a good friend and I will plan to make it up to her.”

5. After not achieving a goal, “Meeting this goal does not define me. I am still a great person."

What keeps us from having self compassion thoughts

We all have a the ability to access self compassion thoughts when our Mind, Bodies and Spirits are connected. In that state of connection, we are connected to every member of our Godhead that can provide us with self compassion thoughts and feelings. The reason we cannot access our internal ability to have self compassion thoughts is due to a system we all have inside of us called the Identity System. The Identity system is the opposition inside of us that disconnects our minds, bodies and spirits. Then we are the natural man or using our carnal mind and have no connection to the Godhead in those moments. We then cannot feel their power, healing, strength and knowledge.

This This system does not like when life doesn't go as planned because it feels like we SHOULD all have an ideally perfect life. If life isn't exactly the way it feels that life SHOULD be going, then it wakes up and starts causing us to have depressor thoughts. These depressor thoughts

I sat down with Hillary Hess from Helping of Happiness podcast and discussed a skill to access our own internal ability to have self compassion.

In the episode, you will hear specific steps to a skill called Mind Body Bridging. This is a skill that I use as a Mental Health Therapist in my daily practice, but I also use myself daily.

This episode is an interactive skill building interview. Please download the companion handout that will help you walk through the skills to accessing internal self compassion.

I also teach these skills online in my 1:1 coaching program and in a Digital course.

You can also check out other podcast interviews I have done that discuss Mind Body Bridging as well.

Come listen to an amazing Podcast interview that I did with Hillary at Helping of Happiness.