Dealing with Mom guilt

Mom guilt is as much of a reality to moms as dirty toilets in a house full of children.  Fun fact, both of them have a lot in common! They both stink, they both make a mom feel terrible about herself, and it takes some work to get rid of each of them.  However, closing our eyes to them, to pretend they don’t exist, eventually leads to hazardous mental and physical conditions. No woman ever wants or deserves a mental state that resembles a neglected bathroom, but that’s what she gets if the mom guilt isn’t checked and combated.

Niki Olsen is with us again this week talking specifically about how to combat the Mom Guilt.  She shares techniques we can employ using the Mind Body Bridging technique to calm the anxiety, fear, and guilt that wells up within us.  If you haven’t heard Niki before, you can find her in episode 22 and 40teaching us the Mind Body Bridging technique to deal with stress.  Click on those links to read and stream those interviews. 

Ever since I learned, from Niki,  about ways to calm the “stressors” in my life I have seen a huge difference in my ability to calm myself and to focus on the things that really matter and that are REAL in my life.  I hope as you listen to this interview you will learn things as well that will help you to calm the Mom Guilt in your brain.  

Mom Squad Challenge: Identify the situations where you have mom guilt and then identify what your identity system thinks SHOULD happen.  Awareness is the first step.

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