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With everything you have going on in your life, it is inevitable that you are going to feel stressed from time to time. Today Niki Olsen, a Mental Health Therapist, comes on the podcast today to talk about stress eating. Niki has tangible takeaways that will teach you how to manage your emotions. She walks listeners through a mind-body-bridging exercise, helping them become more aware of their senses. I challenge you to take a listen and actually do the exercise with Niki and see what you learn about yourself and your thoughts.


You will never get rid of mind-body-disconnections; but you can learn how to manage them.There will always be something that could be better in your life. Understanding a concept is one thing, but actually applying it is what changes lives. You know you are stressed when you feel

1) Tension in your body  

2) Clutter in your mind.

Take Away:

Stress isn’t going away, but you can learn how to manage it in a way that is productive for you.


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