Dealing with Boredom

I had a chance to sit down and do an interview with Amber from @Biceps.after.babies and discuss the concept of Boredom and eating.

Boredom specifically can be tricky to deal with due to our thought process when we think of being bored. Often, we think of having nothing to do as the definition of being bored. We might only think we are bored if we are doing nothing/unoccupied. However, we can become bored even when we are engaged in activities. These activities just might be uninteresting or lack excitement and therefore we feel bored.

Being bored is not a "bad" emotion. In fact, negative emotions in general are not "bad". We do not need to avoid them, make them go away or distract ourselves from these emotions. The reason we feel the need to do any of that is due to a system we all have inside of us called the Identity System.

In this podcast interview, I talk with Amber about the Identity System, how we know it is awake and why it is waking up. I also teach specific tools to rest the Identity System.

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