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The hardest part about parenting is keeping your cool and not letting your own issues, worries and fears interfere with your ability to parent the way you want to. There are plenty of parenting skills and books out there and stress techniques but I have not found one that combines both in one cohesive way. That is why I wanted to create this course. These are the tools I use on a daily basis to stay sane, focused and energized while the chaos of life jumps in and throws a wrench in all of our well intentioned plans. 

MBB Parenting Course is broken down into 6 modules.
Each teaching you a parenting skills and a Mind Body Bridging Skill. 
PARENTING: Effective Consequences
MBB:Keeping Your Cool
PARENTING: Building A Relationship
MBB:Who My Kids Should be
PARENTING: Developing Resilience
MBB: Parent Guilt
PARENTING: Effective Praise
MBB: How I Should Be As A Parent
PARENTING: Protecting Your Kids
MBB: Fears and What if's
MBB: Frustrating Situations
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Mind Body Bridging Skill: Keeping Your Cool

Do you find yourself yelling, not able to stay calm, getting annoyed easily or frustrated with your kids often? Do you want to pull your hair out when they repeatedly push your buttons, ask too many questions or are just plain needy? In this module I will teach you practical tools you can use in the moment  to stay calm, use a kinder tone of voice, enjoy your kids more, be more patient and not be so quick to react with your emotions. 


Parenting Skill: Effective Consequences

As we are keeping our cool, we still want to be able to teach our kids and guide them in a positive direction. This is done  using Effective Consequences. But do you find yourself not following through with consequences? Are you repeating yourself often, not able to get them to do their chores and frustrated with their messes and disorganization? In this module, I will teach the elements of an effective consequence and strategies to implement them consistently.


Mind Body Bridging Skill: How I Should Be as a Parent

Do you find that you get overwhelmed with all the advice out there for parents? Are you anxious at how you should be as a parent and feel frozen, frustrated or depressed at all the things you should be doing as a parent? In this module, I will teach you how to sort through all the mind clutter so that you can have a mindset switch to not take things so personally. Learn strategies to respect differences in your kids and with other parents and not fall into the comparison trap. Also, feel more peace, empowerment and direction as a parent.

Parenting Skill: Effective Praise

Once we get that clarity as a parent then we will know what we want to expect out of our children. But how do we do that in a positive way? We often hear that we need to counteract our negative interactions with our kids with positive ones. That is so hard right! Praise is good, but we don’t want our kids relying on us to notice something good for them to repeat that behavior. In this module I will teach you how to use praise to get kids to follow through with your expectations even if you don’t notice their achievement the next time.


Mind Body Bridging Skill: Parent guilt 

Are you your own worst critic? Do you beat yourself up for not being a good enough parent? Do you feel like your kid’s mistakes are your fault and that you are a failure as a parent? When we feel that way, we often try to go into overdrive fixing everything for our kids and not letting them solve their own problems. In this module, you will learn to recognize and defuse that guilt, learn to interrupt the debilitating thoughts and shift to a more natural loving state where you can allow your kids a space for growth. 

Parenting Skill: Developing Resilience

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after a tough situation. Just like you struggle with feeling not good enough, our kids do to. Do you ever wonder how you can make sure your kids don’t become entitled, take initiative, make it through our parent fails and learn to solve their own problems. The answer is teaching them to become resilient. In this module, you will learn the elements to building resiliency and what strategies to implement. These strategies will help your kids be self sufficient, self starters, confident, recognize their own strengths and deal well with mistakes or failure.


Mind Body Bridging Skill: Frustrating Situations 

Parenting is hard! Parenting feels like your attention is being pulled in all directions and that can be frustrating. Let alone all the frustrating things our kids do to push your buttons. In this module, I will teach you how to recognize YOUR  pattern for frustration so you can feel more relaxed, not get so upset and not find yourself later feeling guilt about how you acted.

Parenting Skill: Tantrums

Tantrums, Fits and Outbursts can be one of the most frustrating situations to deal with. Do you find yourself trying to reason with an unreasonable child? Wanting to lay down and throw a fit yourself? In this module, you will learn to get your child calmed down and back into a more reasonable state of mind.


Mind Body Bridging Skill: Who My Kids Should Be


Do you find yourself jumping in and doing things for your kids, getting frustrated that they aren’t like another child/sibling or overwhelmed with the phase that they are in right now. In this module, you will learn to not just recognize, but actually feel in the moment that each kid has different needs, experience realistic expectations for them  and be able to meet them where they are at in their learning journey.

Parenting Skill: Building a Relationship 

Do you feel hopeless to create a connection with your kids? Would you like to learn how to communicate and relate with your teenager? In this module, you will learn to understand your child, listen effectively and have meaningful interactions that build a strong relationship for the future. 


Mind Body Bridging Skill: Fears and What If’s

There are so many tragic, heart wrenching and scary things in our world today. Having fears and worries about our kids are natural, but do you find yourself overprotective, frozen and fearful of what might happen to your kids these days? In this module, I will teach you how to get out of this debilitating mindset so you can be alert and able to teach your kids to protect themselves. 

Parenting Skill: Protecting Your Kids

Once you are able to shift your mindset and are open to explaining hard things, knowing what and when to teach can be the next challenge. In this module, you will learn what to teach your kids to protect them, when and how to have these conversations and book recommendations to help continue the conversations.