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Ready to have some help with your

overwhelm, anxiety and insecurities?

Niki Olsen's Individual Coaching Program helps LDS women embrace opposition for growth, enrich their connections with others and access their internal worth and value to feel good enough.

Stop feeling inadequate and start feeling good enough!

If you are here, you are probably feeling:

  • Like you are struggling with some of your relationships 

  • Defeated right when you wake up

  • Why do I even try sometimes

  • Inadequate and not good enough

  • A ton of pressure from everything that is on your plate

  • Like you get a handle on one issue or problem and another arises

  • Overwhelmed, exhausted and unappreciated

  • Like you're not accomplishing enough

  • You're failing as a mother, wife, ect. 

  • A Struggle with your physical health and eating habits

I know, I have been there, I can help.



Challenges are a part of the plan. Opposition was placed in all things including us. Opposition isn't going anywhere; it is part of the Plan of Salvation. Opposition is what allows agency to exist and what helps us grow
The key is using our agency to GROW and CONNECT with ourselves, God and others. Rather than increase our stress and drive us away from connecting.

The Individual Coaching Program

uses Mind Body Bridging skills to help you:

Understand the Identity System inside of you that is keeping you from embracing opposition for growth

Defuse how you think life "Should be" to enrich your connection with others

Silence your inner critic to access your internal worth and value and feel good enough

At the end of the 12 week Coaching Program 

You will be able to:

  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and your body.

  • Learn how to prioritize your own needs.

  • Learn how to quiet your mind. 

  • Interrupt your inner critic and believe you are inherently good enough.

  • Enrich your relationship with God.

  • Release guilt and inadequacies.

  • Understand how to navigate challenging relationships.

  • Access and feel your own internal worth and value.

Mind Body Bridging is a set of skills that help you connect with yourself, others and the Godhead. You do not have to have anything "wrong" with you to implement MBB skills into your life. The skills teach you to recognize a Mind Body State (Active Identity System) that is keeping you from accessing your true potential and internal source of worth and value. When this dysfunctional Mind Body State is active you are experiencing the opposition that was placed in you. You might find yourself feeling guilt, insecure, overwhelmed and unappreciated . With MBB you will learn to identify the reasons (requirements) that this Mind Body State becomes active, what happens if you allow it to be in charge and learn to rest that System so you can embrace the opposition for growth.

What is

Mind Body Bridging

Pebble Beach

What others are saying about Mind Body Bridging

LDS Female age 30

“The ability to put language to the parts of my personality that are the most shameful and own that there’s truly nothing “wrong” with me- my identity system is just turned on- really has helped me to process the emotions that I had bottled up."

LDS Female age 35

“Mind Body Bridging is a powerful tool that gives us the capacity to heal our hearts and minds. Our bodies naturally react to our mentality and this can leave us feeling broken and less valuable."

LDS Female age 40

"The exercises that Niki had us complete proved how connecting our minds and bodies can get rid of mind clutter and body tension. Tuning into all of our senses has almost a magical effect."

Individual Coaching Program

12 week Coaching Program

Valued at $3,300

FOR ONLY $1,500


$375/month for 4 months

The Program includes:

  • One hour weekly Zoom sessions to be heard and validated about the opposition in your life ($1,200)

  • Quick tangible skills that can be used in the moment without stopping what you are doing. ($200)

  • Framework for understanding opposition in our minds and bodies. ($100)

  • Practical tips to implement skills into daily life to embrace opposition. ($200)

  • Ability to recognize distress to the mind and body sooner and decrease opposition. ($100)

  • Framework  on recognizing what is causing difficulty in relationships ($200)

  • Framework for defusing the thoughts that are causing the distress in relationships ($200)

  • Specific tools to recognize the thoughts that are destructive to our minds and bodies. ($200)

  • Personalized plan for implementation of Mind Body Bridging Skills to enrich your relationships.($200)

  • Customized plan for continued utilization of the skills after the program. ($200)

  • Framework for understanding what fuels the inner critic. ($100)

  • Tools to connect with your internal source of worth and value and feel good enough. ($100)

  • Specific tools to use in the moment to interrupt the inner critic. ($100)

  • Real time feedback on struggles and pain points ($200)

What is it like to work with Niki?

“I love Niki's way of teaching! I love her attentiveness, her encouragement and her understanding.

Just talking with Niki about my feelings gave me permission to feel them and then let them go in a healthy way. She is so loving and kind and sincere and easy to talk to.

I really got the feeling that she was holding zero judgments towards me even though I was telling her my most shameful thoughts. It was so refreshing, enlightening and life changing! She is amazing!”


Let me help you feel 


If you are ready to  embrace opposition for growth, enrich your connections with others and access your internal worth and value to feel good enough then sign up for the Individual Coaching Program.

Unsure you want to commit to the 12 week program?

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  • See if I would be a good fit for you

  • Discuss if this program will help with your situation