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Want to have peace and joy this holiday season?

The Managing Holiday stress workshop helps busy women recognize and combat holiday triggers, set and execute realistic expectations and clear stress from their mind and body.

Start preparing now for a peaceful holiday season

If you are here, you have probably felt like this during the holidays:

  • I stress over the holidays and wish they could be more enjoyable

  • I stress about everyone getting together and getting along

  • I hate not having enough time to do everything I want

  • I feel like my priorities get lost in the shuffle  

  • I feel pressure to create the perfect holiday environment

  • I try to please and serve everyone else and have way too much on my plate 

  • I don't have enough time to do everything I want

I know, I have been there, I can help.

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One of the main reasons for stress during the holidays is the “pressure to be jolly." Having high expectations for joy: to bring the family together, to give gifts that show how much you love those around you, and for beautiful meals. 


When your stress is at its peak, planning, organizing and keeping up with expectations is difficult. Learning how to manage stress in realistic, yet impactful ways can keep you from: having the holidays take an emotional toll, showing up in ways you’re not proud of, and becoming something you dread instead of enjoy. 


The great thing about holiday stress is that it’s predictable. You can make plans to reduce the amount of stress you experience and the negative impact it has on you.


Learning stress and anxiety management techniques such as Mind Body Bridging can help the holidays remain at a positive level, rather than an overwhelming one.

The Managing Holiday Stress Workshop will help you:

Christmas with the Family

Recognize and combat holiday triggers

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Learn to quiet your mind and relax your body on demand.

Holiday season

Set and execute realistic expectations.

Managing Holiday Stress Workshop

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DATE:November 3, 2020

TIME: 7:30-9:00 PM MST* LOCATION: ZOOM video call.

*The workshop will be recorded and emailed out after if you can not attend at that time.

Early Bird Price $47

Until October 30th


Regularly $57

 Valued at over $250

The Workshop will include:

  • Skills to discover what will truly make the holidays joyful for you

  • An opportunity to create a plan for your top expectations

  • A list of skills to use when stress arises this holiday season

  • Quick tangible skills that can be used in the moment without stopping what you are doing

  • Practical tips to implement skills into daily life

  • Ability to recognize distress to the mind and body sooner and decrease

  • Understanding of what is causing distress in your mind and body from the holidays

  • 90 minute live discussion on common triggers and strategies for combating those triggers

  • Recording for continued use or replay if missed

  • Printable Workbook  with step by step instructions and ideas

  • Skills to access a more fulfilling state of mind even when the holidays do not go as planned

What's it like to attend a workshop with Niki?

Here's what participants said after a workshop with Niki at a

Get Out There Girl Retreat:

“Mind Body Bridging is refreshing, enlightening and life changing”

“Personally, I felt a change in my heart about anxiety. I now believe that, little by little, following this process will help me understand why I respond the way I do and allow me to move through it”

“The workshop that Niki gave was fabulous. So fabulous in fact that we begged her to teach a follow up workshop”

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Let me help you have a stress free Holiday Season

If you are ready to  recognize and combat holiday triggers, set and execute realistic expectations, and clear stress from your mind and body, then sign up for the Managing Holiday Stress Workshop.