Aug 14, 2020, 3:30 PM – Aug 16, 2020, 9:00 AM
Address given after purchase,
Saratoga Springs, UT, USA

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UNTIL July 31, 2020
*Prices will increase $50 per ticket 
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The Growth Gathering is a weekend for Latter-Day Saint Women who want to be spiritually fed, emotionally uplifted and physically rejuvenated.


We are living in unprecedented times where women are feeling a lack of connection due to isolation and without typical ways to be spiritually fed.  On top of that, dealing with the  typical negative effects of opposition in marriages, parenting and internally with our own thoughts can leave women feeling overwhelmed, not good enough and stressed. 

At the Growth Gathering, LDS women will learn physical skills to quiet their minds and relax their bodies. Understand their inner critic and how to interrupt and defuse their thoughts and learn to embrace opposition for growth. Also, develop strategies to connect with each member of the Godhead.

Come enjoy delicious food while enjoying uplifting, inspiring and refreshing conversations. Participate in fun, interactive and rejuvenating activities and enjoy live musical entertainment throughout the gathering. 



Niki Olsen LCMHC


Lee Ann Singleton


August 14,  2020

      3:30-5:00 PM  Welcoming and Activities

      5:30-6:30 PM  Dinner

      7:00-8:30 PM  Peaceful Mind and Body Workshop with Niki


August 15, 2020

          8:30-  9:00 AM  Prayer Workshop with Niki

        10:00-11:00 AM  Interrupting your Inner Critic Workshop with Niki

        12:00-  1:00 PM  Lunch

          1:00-  3:00 PM  LeeAnn Growth Activity and Workshop

          5:00-  6:00 PM  Dinner

          6:30-  7:30 PM  Embracing Opposition Workshop with Niki

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Included with the cost of the ticket

  • TWO night stay at Airbnb                                   Value $100

                (Overnight ticket only)

  • ONE Lunch & TWO Dinners                               Value $50

  • Workshops and Activities                                   Value $800

  • Live musical entertainment                                Value $100

  • Connection with like minded women               Priceless

NOT Included with the cost of the ticket

  • Breakfast

  • Snacks



Do you have alternative lodging in the area?

Come enjoy all the benefits of the weekend for a discount price!

The workshop that Niki gave was fabulous. So fabulous in fact that we begged her to teach a follow up workshop on the second day of the retreat. Not only is Niki knowledgeable but she is also a great teacher. The principles taught in Mind Body Bridging rang true for me.  The exercises that Niki had us complete proved how connecting our minds and bodies can get rid of mind clutter and body tension. Tuning into all of our senses has almost a magical effect.I highly recommend learning about mind body bridging from Niki and bringing all the benefits into your life.

I just returned from a retreat with get out there girl and had the most amazing time. We had a workshop on Mind Body Bridging with Niki Olsen. Let me tell you what, I was in awe at her wisdom. I have never met anyone with that much knowledge, humor, character, love and humility all wrapped up into one beautiful human. Thank you Niki for being you and for the undeniable impact you had on and will undoubtedly continue to have on my life.

Learning these skills from Niki was such a game changer for me. The ability to put language to the parts of my personality that are the most shameful and own that there’s truly nothing “wrong” with me- my identity system is just turned on- really has helped me to process the emotions that I had bottled up. Just talking with Niki about my feelings gave me permission to feel them and then let them go in a healthy way. She is so loving and kind and sincere and easy to talk to. I really got the feeling that she was holding zero judgments towards me even though I was telling her my most shameful thoughts. It was so refreshing, enlightening and life changing! She is amazing!

I just attended a workshop with the most amazing, talented and wise women I have ever met. Her name is Niki Olsen and she walked us through a method called Mind Body Bridging. The process was overwhelmingly impactful for me. Personally, I felt a change in my heart about anxiety. I now believe that, little by little, following this process will help me understand why I respond the way I do and allow me to move through it. When difficult things happen, I usually fall apart. However, the night after I got home from the retreat my son broke his collarbone in a severe manner and had to have surgery. There was definitely anxiety, but I put in to practice the things Niki had taught and I was far better than I would have been before the workshops and retreat.