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The contents of this site are for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing found on this website is intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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About Niki

Hi friends! Here’s a little sneak peak into my life.

  • Most days you can find me working as a full time Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor or helping others work through the struggles of life. 

  • I am mostly known for going to bed before the sun goes down. and getting up before the sun rises. 

  • People, also, often refer to me as an exceptional teacher, speaker or therapist.

  •  I love serving the world by helping others find their innate powerful selves and create sustainable lifestyle changes.  

  • I am most passionate in life about motivating others to see the goodness within them, cultivating confidence and helping others fulfill their true destiny on this Earth. 

  • When I am not busy working with others, You can find me hanging out with my husband and two wonderful daughters on the mountain camping or four wheeling.

  • As a Mind Body Bridging Therapist/Coach I sit on the Professional Standards Advisory Board for the I-Systems Institute.


I can't wait to motivate and inspire you!

More About Mind Body Bridging

The Block's together with a group of clinicians and researchers developed the evidence-based therapeutic modality of Mind-Body Bridging through their work with individuals and groups suffering from addiction, violence, trauma, PTSD, cancer, pain, and other health and mental health disorders, and discovered effective and easy to use techniques which incorporate current neuroscience research to address and assist symptomatic populations in need.

Mind-Body Bridging is transdiagnostic, alleviating psychological distress for individuals with a broad range of mental health issues, and increasing psychological flexibility and resilience.

Health and mental health clinicians can become certified to use the I-System Model and Mind-Body Bridging, through education and training, with individuals and groups in clinical settings.

In 2018, Stanley H. Block, MD, together with his wife, Carolyn Bryant Block provided Utah State University with a generous gift that led to the founding of the I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies within the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, for the purpose of providing a public service to USU students and to larger communities and social units through the broadest outreach of education, training, and research using the I-System Model.

Becoming a trained MBB Clinician