About Niki

Hi friends! Here’s a little sneak peak into my life.

  • Most days you can find me working as a full time Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor or helping others work through the struggles of life. 

  • I am mostly known for going to bed before the sun goes down. and getting up before the sun rises. 

  • People, also, often refer to me as an exceptional teacher, speaker or therapist.

  •  I love serving the world by helping women connect to themselves and God.  

  • I am most passionate in life about motivating others to see the goodness within them, cultivating confidence and helping others fulfill their true destiny on this Earth. 

  • When I am not busy working with others, You can find me hanging out with my husband and two wonderful daughters on the mountain camping or four wheeling.

  • As a Mind Body Bridging Therapist/Coach I sit on the Professional Standards Advisory Board for the I-Systems Institute.


I can't wait to motivate and inspire you!